Alexander Haessner






Alexander Haessner is an award-winning German-born and Los Angeles-based cinematographer and photographer.


Throughout his career, he has collaborated with some of the greatest filmmakers including Janusz Kaminski, Darius Khondji, Harris Savides, and Emmanuel Lubezki.


After completing his studies in art-history, drawing, painting, and sculpting at the Art Academy in Mannheim, Germany, Alexander began his photographic career at the renowned photo-atelier of Michael Steinke in Heidelberg. Later on, specializing as a camera technician in the Motion Picture Industry and being trained by Oscar-winner Dedo Weigert Film in Munich, Alexander has traveled throughout Europe as a High-Speed Technician with Photo-Sonics cameras. In 2001, he was on set in Mozambique shooting the boxing scenes under Emmanuel Lubezki in the Michael Mann Blockbuster “Ali” featuring Will Smith. Being inspired by the professionalism of the American film team, Alex moved to the United States in 2002 and began fine-tuning his abilities at the legendary Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara where he has earned a Bachelor of Arts degree with Cum Laude in Commercial & Advertising Photography, an Outstanding Achievement Award, and the Departmental Award given to students who “make a difference”. While working in the professional world of photography and cinematography in New York for 12 years, Haessner developed a visually compelling style exploring genres such as Fashion Film, Narrative Shorts, Commercials, Music Videos, and Documentaries.


Since moving his professional base to Los Angeles, Alexander has joined the Local 600 cinematographer’s union to follow his dream and pursue a career as a filmmaker.